Handwoven Fall Colors Towel

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Handwoven Fall Colors Towel

Handwoven Fall Color Towel

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I went to a weaving workshop in the fall and this is the first warp I put on the loom after the workshop. The colors remind me of a crisp fall day as the leaves are floating down to earth from their summer home.

My loom was threaded in a twill pattern and treadled as part twill and turned taquete.  I had fun playing as the color interactions shifted and morphed with each changing treadle. I’m quite happy with the towel and have its sister in my kitchen. It’s not your usual stripes and plaids and each side is different. For me, weaving becomes rote if I throw the shuttle without changing the treadling (foot pattern of the pedals/tie-up). Therefore, the towels complement each other but are never exactly alike.

This towel is woven of 100%, 10/2 cotton, a blend of mercerized and unmercerized, set at 20 ends per inch. There are warplets of hand dyed yarn by Blazing Shuttles Warps. This cotton mix creates a towel that might feel thinner than some handwoven towels. I like some of my towels thin so they can fit in fine crystal glasses and make drying wine glasses a joy. There is happiness in seeing the sparkle of a wine glass as it’s put back on the shelf, awaiting its next use.

Handwoven towels are workhorses. I use them in yoga, to clean around the house, dusting and sometimes I even mop up the floor. Not only do they look beautiful in your kitchen, they are meant to be used!

After 2 washings, this towel measures 17.5″ x 30.5″ and will shrink a little more the more it’s washed. Just throw it in the washing machine with like colors and put it in the dryer. Dryer sheets won’t hurt the towel but can affect the absorbency of the material. My woven logo tag is sewn on the edge of the towel, making at hangable on a hook or knob.

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × .5 in

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