Melissa Sharp Terrels

  Weaving and Yoga Therapy

                Perfect Together!

Weaving found me in college. The Art Building was an old dilapidated structure that held wonder in my eyes. I walked in and saw these machines and was instantly captivated. 

I signed up and the rest, as they say, is history. 

I took a break from weaving while raising my children but once they were out of the house, I stepped back in. 

I love creating and watching as the fabric forms on the loom. I don't usually use plans, I pattern as I go. It's always an evolution. 

Yoga found me in mid-life as I stumbled into a yoga studio that opened in my small beach town. I didn't know it then, but the practice took hold of me. It put me back in my body and introduced me to feelings I had stuffed down into my body, hiding them for years. 

Re-introducing myself to those feelings sent me on a journey through thousands of hours of trainings. 

Yoga and Weaving do go together. As I weave it is a moving meditation. My mind gets quiet as the clacking of the beater presses the warp into the weft. 

I teach yoga in Philadelphia to students and fellow yoga teachers. 

Student Testimonials:

Smiling, she said, “I will help you, grab a mat, relax.” I was hooked.

I wanted to cry, she was going to help me with all my faults and foibles without a second thought.

She is the best yoga teacher; compassionate without fawning,

Firm yet gentle, vocal yet quiet, not intrusive yet caring.

I totally recommend her first for her knowledge of yoga and second for her management skills."

Lorraine C.

"I have been regularly attending Melissa's yoga class for about a year. The thought of beginning the practice of yoga was intimidating to me: I was in my late 50's, overweight, and going it alone. Melissa immediately put me at ease. Because of her extensive training as a Yoga Therapist, she has the knowledge and ability to translate the practice of yoga to the individual physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of her students. She is wonderful at adapting any pose based on your specific limitations, such as arthritis, limited flexibility, or fear. She also helps you to see the connections between the approach you make in class and your approach to how you live your life.
I am so grateful I found her."

Gaye P.