So soft, any baby will love to cuddle with this small blanket, the perfect size to carry around.

These super soft and light lovey’s are made of bamboo fiber with a satin edge. They are woven in a deflected doubleweave pattern. It’s like having two different fabrics fused together, each side different.

My children were thumb suckers, and none of them had braces, their teeth are perfectly aligned. They each carried a soft item that gave them comfort, my daughter carried a small blanket like this.

Blanket Measures: 20″ x 20″

Wash and dry with other laundry. This will get softer with use.

My handwoven items are lovingly made on my Schacht, 8-shaft Baby Wolf loom. I serge my items on a Juki and sew with a vintage 1942 Featherweight Singer, my old Janome or my newer Babylock machine. I have been sewing all my life and create each item from the look and feel of the handwoven material in front of me. I stand behind my products and will accept returns, with shipping to be paid by the customer, within a 2-week period. My hope is that you enjoy the use of this piece as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you for spending your time visiting:)

Additional information

Weight.8 oz
Dimensions12 × 10 × .5 in

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