How Cool is This Purple Bag?

How Cool is This Purple Bag?

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Look at the design on this bag? Who has anything like this? Not me, if you buy this bag. Who wants a bag with someone eles's initials all over the bag? What fun is that? You look like all the other people who think that paying thousands for a purse proves something to someone. No, that's not for me. I want o be me and think for myself. Here's your chance to be who you really are and stand out in a world that is beginning to feel like Lemmings. 

Purple, really? Yep, a power color. Purple says "I know who I am, don't mess with me." This 100% cotton bag is adorable and lined with more purple power in the form of quilting cotton that says, "Put your important stuff here and go out tonight."

Okay, now for stats - the bag measures 7" w x 8.5" h and has a lightweight blue cotton strap that measures 51" and is sewn into the bag. 

All of my handwoven items are lovingly made on my Schacht, 8-shaft Baby Wolf loom. I sew on a Juki, a vintage 1942 Featherweight Singer, my old Janome or my newer Babylock machine. I have been sewing all my life and create each item from the look and feel of the handwoven material that I see in front of me. I make the best effort to represent accurate color and sizing on my computer screen. Your computer screen may be different. I stand behind my products and will accept returns, with shipping to be paid by the customer within a 2 week period. My hope is that you enjoy the use of this piece as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you for spending your time visiting:)